How we work



Who is the training for?

Sales professionals regardless of the level of experience who want to improve sales results through tools and strategies with immediate applicability.


1. Understand your own style of behavior. Understanding customer behavior style

2. Conscious adaptation of one’s own style to the client’s style in order to make the client “like” us and buy from us

3. Better understanding of customer position

4. Transforming into a “human” seller


Who is the training for?

Leaders who want to streamline their sales to lead their team with the tools to implement change and build a solid foundation for revenue growth.


1. You do the really important things in the leadership area: planning, organizing, coaching

2. You work in the best way with each person

3. Deliver what you promised to the stakeholder and shareholder


Who is the training for?

Employees who want to explore ways to resolve conflicts starting from the conflict between two people and reaching the internal conflicts in the organization


1. Develop collaboration and communication skills to help avoid and resolve conflicts

2. You will understand how conflicts are generated and what is the optimal level of conflict for it to generate progress and avoid losses.

3. You will learn how to respond effectively to the emotional content of the conflict

4. Understand the conflict at work from the perspective of the system it engages

5. You learn to mediate conflicts at the personal and team level as a third party


Who is the training for?

Teams that want to become more efficient by increasing the degree of collaboration.


1. Creating a positive work environment

2. Greater influence on those around you

3. Methods to solve the difficulties that arise

4. Formal and informal feedback to those in your organization and those on your team

5. Managing conflicts that arise


Program description

Most companies want to have the best managers. Whether they are thinking of helping their employees to develop in this direction, or they are thinking of hiring from outside the company, the Assessment Center is the best tool to assess the skills desired by a company for its managers.

In the Assessment Center we evaluate the complete set of skills needed for a manager to deliver the desired results in today’s business environment: communication, teamwork, leadership, customer relations, influencing skills, problem solving skills, obtaining of results.

The objective of the program is to test the desired set of competencies of the employee or candidate, so that the promotion or hiring decision has the best chances of success.

The program can be customized according to the specific skills and competencies to be evaluated.

In this program, your employees or candidates for a job in your company will go through a set of tests and exercises that will assess their abilities in an environment as close as possible to the real business environment.

Assessment Center program structure

Exercises and Roles Play:

1. Group exercises

In the group exercises, the candidates will work in teams on a given topic.

2. In-Tray Exercises

In-Tray exercises have a higher degree of complexity. The purpose of the exercise is to assess the candidate’s ability to select relevant information, to prioritize and to make decisions under pressure.

3. Case study

This exercise involves addressing a business situation and identifying the best possible options. Strategic options will need to be presented to a decision-making body (evaluators).

4. Role Play

Role Play simulates a real business situation in the Conflict Management category. In this exercise, the candidate must resolve a business situation in a face-to-face discussion.

Psychometric tests:

1. Personality questionnaire

2. Numerical skills test

3. Cognitive skills test