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We start from an ideal salesperson profile, establish the skills needed to be successful and combine them with your skills.


Step by step we build your sales skills from basic elements in sales, tools, methodologies to things of advanced finesse.


It’s time to put into practice our experience and to enjoy the results. Management, Strategy and Technical Consulting.

Meet Sales Academy

Together with you, we build an ideal profile of the successful salesperson. We are looking to combine that profile with your skills. We develop your skills necessary to be successful in sales. You put things into practice and start selling. You have results!

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Skill set

Evolution & Growth

Concept of skill and mastery

We are different. As we develop our strong mix of business knowledge and training skills. Our experience is simply impossible to replicate. Experience of over 100 years, over 200 clients, over 2000 participants, over 1000 days of sustained training.

Validation of the market in which over 200 people participated.

The importance of training programs
Individual consulting
Career path support


Sales professionals regardless of the level of experience who want to improve sales results through tools and strategies with immediate applicability.


Employees who want to explore ways to resolve conflicts starting from the conflict between two people and reaching the internal conflicts in the organization.

Online Sales

The program can be customized according to the specific skills and competencies to be evaluated.

Sales Management

Leaders who want to streamline their sales to lead their team with the tools to implement change and build a solid foundation for revenue growth.

People Management

Teams that want to become more efficient by increasing the degree of collaboration. Benefits: Creating a positive work environment, greater influence on those around you.

Online Sales
Sales Management
People Management

Easy to use

Easy to customize

If you want to have a permanent increase in sales skills for your sales team, we can run the Sales Academy for you. We will recruit, motivate and develop your future sales team. For your future!

If you want to become a sales expert and get involved in developing skills in this area, we are waiting for you to enroll in the Sales Academy!

That’s right!

Optimized for business

Tools and methodologies with immediate impact.
Applied training programs with concrete results in the short and medium term.
Permanently increase sales skills for your sales team.
We will recruit, motivate and develop your future sales team.
We help you become a sales expert and get involved in skills development.
Sales Academy training includes work such as finding the right candidates.

Unlike the traditional approach that combines training modules to customize programs, we decided to combine our specific skills and our practical business experience to create unique programs with the goal of generating concrete and immediate results.

With over 50 years of accumulated experience in sales and sales management, we know what sales mean, both B2B and B2C. Together we can build a structured approach to the sales process, help you set goals and implement a sales strategy, step by step.
m have been involved in hundreds of sales and negotiations, from small deals to multi-million euro strategic negotiations. We now want this practical experience and our concrete approach to be passed on to our customers and sellers eager to grow.


Working hours

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